Fabriform Installation Guide


Installation Guide

IMPORTANT: The information contained in this section is offered in good faith as a general guide to the placement of Fabriform erosion control revetments. It is based on experience obtained under a variety of conditions — however, it will not apply to every job. Dimensions and quantities shown are approximate and will vary as a result of site conditions and installation procedures. The user is cautioned to obtain the professional and technical services necessary to insure an effective and economical installation.

Fabriform fabric formed revetments — Filterpoint, Unimat and Articulating Block — install quickly and eliminate the need for time-consuming wooden forms.

Installation Overview

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Fabriform concrete bags allow for customized design
to ensure the most stable repair of waterfront areas such as scoured bridge piers, dam spillways, bulk-heads, dikes, jetties, flood walls, breakwaters, and other sub-aqueous structures.

Installation Overview

Fabriform ballistic pile jackets structurally restore and protect piles of timber, concrete, and steel.

Installation Overview