Fabriform Revetment Styles


The Fabriform erosion control system consists of five standard fabric forms; Revetments (three styles for varying soil conditions), Concrete Bags and Pile Jackets. In addition to these styles, we create custom products for unique applications.

Revetment Styles

For maximum attenuation of hydraulic energy and relief of hydrostatic uplift. Woven filterpoints (5", 8" or 10" centers when cast-in-place) between cobbles relieve

hydrostatic uplift pressure and each revetment exhibits a high coefficient of hydraulic friction.

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ABOVE: In 1984, Fabriform was chosen for the Euclid Creek Flood Control project in Cleveland, Ohio.

For minimum hydraulic friction and maximum impermeability. Permeability and criteria for selection of thickness (from 3" up to 12") approximates that of high quality concrete paving.

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For slopes subject to severe underscour or consolidation. Rectangular concrete blocks cast in place and linked together by reinforcing cables (if required). Cables allow the revetment to articulate with changing soil and water conditions.

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Concrete Bags

Fabriform Concrete Bags are the most versatile concrete forming system available.

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Ballistic Pile Jackets

Fabriform Ballistic Pile Jackets are a strong lightweight concrete form used in marine pile rehabilitation.

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